Three for Free

Our first set of free PPT templates sourced to make your next presentation shine.

We´re back!

The Scientific Friend is back with a new look, fresh content and neat products.

Facing real life problem, scientists create solution

How two hotshots created, well, Hotshot.

How to change PhD and postdoc training

Numbers of PhDs and postdocs increase worldwide - what can be done to get them jobs?

Team up!

Should you favour domestic or international collaborations?

On the benefits of doing a postdoc

University professor? Industry position? Something else altogether? The decision can be daunting.

To stray or not to stray

Go for a streamlined CV or are detours ok?

Advice for scientist book

Get some proper advice. The old school way.

Career guidance by Nobel laureate Ramón y Cajal

Let’s Zazzle

We are making more time for content and fun ideas by leaving our products to the experts.